10+10 Education Endowment


Scholarship Recipients Share Their Stories 

From a 3rd grader - My name is Ethan*, I want to be a Doctor or Nurse when I grow up. I like my school because it is peaceful and we learn about God. I told my Granny I want to get baptized.

From an 8th grader - I want to forever continue in my Christian education. I know that my Christian education has blessed me in many ways I don’t even know yet! The way I see my parents struggle to keep me inside this safe bubble of good teachers and classmates, but most of all Jesus shows that it is so important to them and the very values they have been raising me with all my life. I truly believe I need to remain in this environment. I see God working His way into all situations, helping me out through all my ups and downs. I feel so glad I can be near Him every day. I know a Christian education is the right fit for me because I want my walk with God to grow. Through my years in Christian education I have begun taking Bible studies and I’m planning to be baptized this summer! I know that all the awesome mentors I have had in my journey of Christian education has brought me to this point. I just want to keep going! This is why I hope to receive any assistance, so that I can remain on this path with Christ!

From a 9th grader - I believe strongly in God’s word. He keeps his promises and does not change. When I look at certain verses in the Bible, I can hear God speaking directly at me. “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 2:21. 

I believe that the Lord has chosen the path for me to attend these Adventist schools because he opened doors that seemed to be closed. I began attending my Adventist school* as a 3rd grader. My mother was introduced to the church by a coworker who was willing the share the gospel with her. After seeing all the good God had to offer and choosing to follow Him, my mother signed me up for the elementary school.

Right away I could see the difference it made in my life. I saw how friendly and willing the teachers were to help me in every way. My grades began to come up, as they were pretty low when I attended public school in 3rd grade. We attended church regularly, began Bible studies while making lots of new friends. Friends that we know we will have for a lifetime. I even wrote a poem about how I had found a special place. I began to spend my Sabbath afternoons at a friend’s house that lived in the country. The Sabbath was coming alive to me for the first time. We enjoy them so much. Fellowshipping, eating and spending time together in God’s word.

Life was going to be different, and people will always have their opinion about you, but you live your life for the Lord, not people.

From an 11th grader - I’ve had Christian education in my life for 8 years and I believe it has made me a better person. Having Jesus in my life is very important to me. I have been influenced by all my teachers and youth events I have attended. In fact, this summer I am going on my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic! I am super excited to spread Jesus and do God’s work where it’s needed. I would love to go back to school and continue to grow in Christ, do my best as a student, not just of academics but of the Gospel. I know my Adventist education is important to me becoming equipped for God’s plan for me! -11th grader
*Names have been changed