10+10 Education Endowment

Each year the 10+10 Education Endowment provides scholarship money for worthy students in the Northern California Conference. The gift you give today will continue making a difference for years to come! Ultimately, 10+10 aims to put an Adventist education within reach of every student in the Northern California Conference. 
2017 Fall Campaign
Right now, approximately 300 donors contribute $10 per month EVERY month, and the endowment is already worth more than $400,000! This fall, we are campaigning to double our donors from 300 to 600. While $10 a month (or more!) may not seem like much, when each of us gives a little, we can make a big difference! With each new donor, we are one step closer to making an Adventist education affordable for every student in our conference! The vision for 10+10 is that, one day, every student who wants to attend an NCC school will be able to - regardless of his/her financial situation.

Become a donor. You can make automatic monthly donations from your credit card or from your bank account via electronic check (ACH). You can also use your tithe envelope, or send checks directly to the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (P.O. Box 23165, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523).