What is 10+10?

10+10 is an education endowment of the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (NCC). Currently worth more than $400,000, 10+10 receives an average of $4,700 in new donations every month. The annual distribution from 10+10 benefits the NCC Worthy Student Scholarship Fund.

The heart of 10+10 is a renewed call to stewardship! The first "10" represents the 10 percent tithe that God asks us to give as faithful stewards. The "+10" is an invitation to every church member to give $10 per month to support Adventist education in our conference. The idea behind 10+10 is that if we all pitch in a little, we can make a big difference! For example, if 1 in 4 members (about 10,000 people) were to give $10/month, we would have $1.2 million in just one year!

As 10+10 grows, so will the number of students able to attend our schools. Our vision for 10+10 is that one day every student who wants to attend an NCC school will be able to do so regardless of their financial situation.

We thank each of our members for supporting their local churches and schools, as well as contributing to the many ministries that spread the gospel.

10+10 Education Endowment